Are you offering the right rental amount?

Posted 20 Jul 2016

With such a fast-moving market, keeping track of what rent you should be charging for your property can be quite tricky in Christchurch.

You’ve surely seen the regular articles in The Press about shifting rental prices, and it’s important to ensure you’re charging the right rent for a few different reasons:

  1. 1. It makes your property attractive for tenants
  2. 2. It ensures tenants stay longer in your rental
  3. 3. You’re not missing out on additional rental income or finance

On that last point, it’s an often misunderstood fact that your bank will accept a rental appraisal by an independent property manager (like Diamond Property Management) for financing purposes, whether it’s looking to purchase an additional investment property or access funds for other activities.

Even if you’re not looking to refinance, it’s important to have the right number in place when you go to crunch the figures to ensure that you’re on track in regards to the longer term financial plan for your property portfolio.

Despite keeping up to date with media reports, remember that those figures are retrospective as to what the market is doing. While they might not own a crystal ball, getting a rental appraisal from a leading independent property manager means understanding the short term future of rental levels in your area.

Because Diamond Property Management knows the Christchurch rental market inside and out, we can provide a truly accurate rental appraisal. And the best part? Our rent appraisals are free.          

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