Newsletter November 2016

Posted 10 Nov 2016

November 2016

Landlord News – Changes in Residential Tenancies Act are now in force

"Warmer, drier, safer homes”

Smoke alarms are compulsory in all rental homes and landlords must ensure they are installed in the right places.
Insulation statements are now compulsory on any tenancy agreement made since 1st July 2016 and insulation will be compulsory in all rental homes on 1st July 2019.

Paul Coggan Manager of the Tenancy Compliance and Investigations Team stated the following:
“We take breaches of residential tenancy law seriously and are working to crack down on poor landlord behavior across New Zealand”.

“We will not hesitate to take action for breaches of tenancy law. These are subject to a penalty of up to $4,000 per breach”

MBIE – Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment – investigators from the new Tenancy Compliance and investigations Team have begun inspecting New Zealand’s rental homes and have been disappointed with what they found in Dunedin last month.
The Dunedin visit was just the start of these operations. The team will be across Cities and Towns of NZ to raise awareness of both tenants’ rights and landlord’s responsibilities to comply with the recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act.

MBIE has power to monitor and enforce compliance with the Act including the power to prosecute landlords who seriously or persistently breach basic housing standards. The investigation team’s priorities include smoke alarms, damp and poorly maintained houses and insulation.

The level of non-compliance found in Dunedin was concerning especially over the insulation statements about location, type and condition, which is compulsory on new tenancy agreements from 1st July 2016. Insulation of a required standard will be compulsory in all rental homes from 1st July 2019.

Grants for ceiling and underfloor insulation –
Landlords with low income tenants should get in early to take advantage of insulation grants before insulation becomes mandatory.
All rental homes must have ceiling and underfloor insulation to the required standard by 1st July 2019, where it is practical.

The (EECA) Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority say at least 20,000 insulation grants are available of the next 18 months under the Warm up NZ Healthy Homes programme.

EECA says eligible landlords who delay taking up the grants will end up paying the full cost of insulation.

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